FLOW : Data artwork

This Autumn I have been working hard on my fibre optic pieces.

I attended a a workshop in September at Reading Town Hall set up by Mark Stanley of Thingitude, as part of the Reading Year of Culture. The aim of the day was to bring together artists and technologists to promote new thinking. After lots of discussions and getting to know each other and what could be achieved with data, three artists including myself pitched ideas for a data art piece. Everyone then voted – and my idea won!

With a deadline of the 1st of December I then had to get my skates on to actually design and make the piece, which involved quite a lot of new processes I had not done before. I worked closely with Pierre to rout a design into mdf, and then also with Alex, who is a 3D print expert, to help me with widgets to hold all the technical works in place at the back. Finally, my own brother Andrew – who is just amazing with electronics and programming, worked out how to programme the lighting sequence of LEDs for me. After an intense day of assembly and fine tuning of the lighting sequence, it was ready for display.


I can’t thank everyone enough for then allowing me to display it in the old Waterstones shop in the Oracle shopping centre, alongside some my  Hadron Collider work too. It will be there until at least the 6th Jan 2017 so pop along to see it!

Mark Stanley has also done a blog post on this : http://thingitude.com/2016/12/flow-by-kate-findlay-from-our-artists-data-day/


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