Talks and Workshops

Kate is an experienced speaker and has given talks to Quilt groups, Embroidery Guild groups, WI groups and other art groups all round the country from Kent to Northumberland over the last four years. She has her own slide projector and brings plenty of samples of work to look at, and holds one hour talks on the following subjects:

The Hadron Collider Series

This is an in depth look at the development of this body of work, with slides showing pieces under construction, and plenty of detail shots. Kate finishes the talk with her most recent experiments in fibre optics.

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Working in Series

This is a more general talk showing the wider range of subjects Kate has chosen to work with. It includes work from the Hadron Collider series, her Henley regatta series, and her Wildlife series of animals and birds. It includes examples of work being made, showing how a piece is built up from scratch, and talks about specific techniques.


This talk focuses on her bird designs and includes other wildlife. This work is mostly raw edge appliqué, so the focus is on the Elements of Art – Kate talks about line, tone, texture, pattern, form and colour in relation to her pieces. It includes an example of a piece being made from start to finish.


Mini Collider

A half day workshop based on one of Kate’s “journal quilt” pieces from the Hadron Collider series. Kate will provide the fabric for this and templates. Participants will need bondaweb, irons and a sewing kit. It is possible to complete this project by hand, although sewing machines can be used if desired.

Cost: £110

Full Day (Mini Collider + E-Textiles Workshops): £200

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Light up brooch

A half day workshop introducing e-textiles. Kate will explain a bit about smart textiles and e-textiles before demonstrating how to sew a simple circuit which makes mini LED’s light up. This is an extremely satisfying project just using hand sewing. Kate will provide the kits containing everything needed, at a cost of £7 per kit.

Cost: £100

Full Day (Mini Collider + Light up brooch Workshops): £180

Bird compositions

A full day workshop creating an appliqué bird in a simple landscape. This project uses a mixture of piecing and raw edge appliqué and works best if participants bring a sewing machine. The focus is very much on the design, composition and use of colour in the work. Kate will bring bird templates and some fabric, but participants are encouraged to bring their own images and fabric with them to create a very personal piece. There will be a review by Kate of everyone’s achievements at the end of the afternoon.

Cost: £180

Book a Talk

All one hour talks are £130 with 45p per mile travel. Interested in booking Kate for a talk? Get in contact today.

Book a Workshop

Interested in booking a half or full day of workshops with Kate? One half day workshop costs £110 and two half day or a full day workshop costs £200, please get in contact today.