Winter inspirations

Today I went out for a gorgeous frosty walk with a friend and her dog Phoebe, into the woods near us. It was a very misty morning which creates lovely effects but is not always easy to photograph! I love the way that trees disappear into the mist and you get a very muted palette of colours – particularly the pale green of frosty grass and white mists with black branches.

Having recently sold my “Temple Island, Frosty morning” which was my first attempt at capturing frost in fabric, I am keen to try some other landscape subjects.

It would be fun to try and add some deer too – as one crossed our path close by this morning, much to Phoebe’s excitement! Having just had Christmas, the line from the Christmas carol came to mind : “and the running of the deer”  from “The Holly and the Ivy”. Maybe a future picture title?

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